Thanks everyone who joined our Policy Team in Harrisburg in June for our last Lobby Day. We are heading back to Harrisburg on October 3rd to continue our advocacy for Automated Speed Enforcement(HB 1284, SB748), Parking Protected Bike Lanes (HB 1283), and Jay Alert (SB 730).

Please sign up to join us in Harrisburg on October 3rd for a day of grassroots lobbying and for a rally in the Main Rotunda.

The Roosevelt Boulevard Automated Speed Enforcement pilot is set to expire in December of 2023. In June, we saw a lot of momentum for the Automated Speed Enforcement legislation. HB 1284 passed out of the house, SB 748 and SB 851 passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee. We want to advocate to Senators to make the program on Roosevelt blvd permanent and to expand it to the rest of Philadelphia county. This technology saves lives and should be available on more than just one road in a city that is experiencing very high traffic fatality rates.

Pennsylvania’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) said in a recent report “ASE has demonstrated its effectiveness and deserves consideration by the General Assembly for continuation and expansion beyond Roosevelt Boulevard to a statewide application.

“Crashes, injuries, and deaths that occur because of speeding or poor driver behavior are preventable. One death is too many, and ASE can be used throughout Pennsylvania as another effective safety countermeasure that can help PennDOT and the state’s municipalities bring the annual number of roadway deaths down to zero.”

We will be taking an Amtrak train from 30th Station on Tuesday October 3rd. Tickets are $35 each way. We can cover the cost for those who need it, please reach out to Nicole, with any questions.


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