Bike in Philly

The author and his redacted buddy on the current Spring Garden Street. A better option is possible.

After nearly a decade of waiting, plans to redesign Spring Garden Street, making it safer for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists, are finally moving forward.

The City unveiled its virtual open house on Wednesday, asking Spring Garden Street users to watch a video, share their experiences using the corridor, and respond to images of different design ideas for Spring Garden.

We recommend all Philadelphia cyclists who’ve ever used Spring Garden Street (which is probably most of you) attend the virtual open house, fill out the survey and map, and specifically ask for the curbside protected bike lane option for Spring Garden Street.

As our partners in the East Coast Greenway Alliance have noted of the Spring Garden project,

The best option for the Spring Garden Street Greenway is a pair of curbside raised bike lanes, separated from vehicular traffic by parking lanes, and continuous on each curb for the entire corridor, maximizing the ease, directness, and intuitiveness of the user experience to match existing behavior, thereby also minimizing sidewalk riding, which could lead to discriminatory enforcement.


The curbside bikeway and sidewalk together should provide ample space for both people with mobility issues, pedestrians, people with luggage and deliveries, transit users, and cyclists.

We agree, and ask that anyone filling out Section 2 of this survey note you “like” Option 1 featuring a parking-protected bike lane and dislike the other options (a median bike lane and a standard bike lane, respectively).

Bike in Philly

That said, we recommend you also fill out the map section of the survey and take the time to understand what the City intends to do on the well-used Spring Garden corridor.

While a median bike lane was originally slated for Spring Garden Street, those plans have changed, or, at least have the ability to be changed by people like you, who attend the virtual open house and fill out the survey.

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