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Bike in Philly

On Tuesday, April 21, Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling Coordinator Kieran Campbell hosted the Bicycle Coalition’s first-ever “Tune-Up Tuesdays” on Facebook Live, teaching a quick lesson on how to fix a flat.

Tune-Up Tuesdays is a new Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia service we’ve begun during the COVID crisis. In early April, we released a survey for essential workers, asking what else the Bicycle Coalition could be doing to help them during this time. Among other things (which we will be unveiling in the coming week or so), we heard that folks could use some refreshers on basic bike maintenance, like fixing flats, adjusting their brakes, etc.

So, every Tuesday, Kieran Campbell and Bicycle Coalition Regional Planner Leonard Bonarek will take to Facebook Live and teach a quick lesson, then take questions from viewers. For those who missed our first episode, check it out here:

Our next session, on Tuesday, April 28, will feature Leonard Bonarek teaching how to adjust brakes.

Stay tuned, and, in the meantime, be sure to RSVP for the classes here.

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