Last November, Representative Brett Miller (R-Lancaster) introduced (for the second time) a bill that would define “vulnerable highway users” to include:

  • (1) A pedestrian, excluding a personal delivery device
  • (2) A bicyclist
  • (3) An individual on a motorized pedalcycle (bicycle)
  • (4) An individual on an animal
  • (5) An individual on an animal-drawn vehicle
  • (6) An individual on an electric personal assistive mobility device
  • (7) An individual on a nonmotorized self-propelled transportation device (skateboard)
  • (8) An individual on a motorcycle

HB2100 would apply the four foot passing law that currently applies to bicyclists to all vulnerable highway users, with one exception. The provision would not apply to pedestrians.

Instead, there is a separate provision for pedestrians with a caveat that motorists should attempt to give four feet, but don’t have to exit the laned roadway or yield to the pedestrian. This section of the bill is problematic and we will confer with the sponsor to see if it can be improved.

The bill also increases fines for motorists who cause unintentional death, death or bodily injury to vulnerable users.

When we learn more about what action needs to be taken on this bill, we will post again.

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