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We’ll be profiling some of our Vision Zero Conference presenters in the weeks leading up to the conference. This week we have Zabe Bent, Director of Design at NACTO.

Zabe Bent is Director of Design at NACTO, the National Association of City Transportation Officials, where she oversees the training program and other elements of technical assistance. As a Principal Planner at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, Zabe managed a range of efforts including advancing two of San Francisco’s key bus rapid transit corridors, its congestion pricing feasibility study, the update to SF’s long range countywide transportation plan, as well as several neighborhood transportation plans.

Zabe also worked across the country as a consultant focusing on complete streets design and policy, and bus rapid transit. Zabe has nearly 20 years of experience in multimodal planning and urban development, as well as a Master in City Planning and Master of Science in Transportation from MIT.

At our VISION ZERO CONFERENCE on March 7th, Zabe will discuss how congestion pricing can enhance traffic management and the experience other cities have had with congestion pricing programs.

Amanda Ruffner


As Communications Coordinator for the Bicycle Coalition, Amanda is constantly thinking about all the interesting, gorgeous, varied ways we can share what we're learning and making with each other.Send her the audio/visuals/articles that move you, she promises she will spend time with them.

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