Travel Advisory about 1600-1800 Blocks of Ben Franklin Parkway Inbound Bike Lane

by | September 16, 2015 | Biking in Philly | 1 comment

We received this email from the Parks and Recreation Department this afternoon.

Advisory Alert: As part of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation and PennDOT’s ongoing renewal of the 1600 – 1800 blocks of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, cyclists are advised that beginning September 17, 2015, a new traffic pattern will be established for the inbound/south lanes of the Parkway. This traffic pattern will eliminate the existing, temporary 5’ bike lane as that lane will now be utilized for the curb-side work zone. In-bound sharrows (share the road arrows) will be placed in the traffic lane closest to the median. 45 degree sharrows will be placed between the green bike lane transition at 19th and Race and the in-bound shared use travel lane. Cyclists are encouraged to use the lanes closest to the median on both outbound and inbound trips along the lower Parkway, as these are closest to the median area which provides additional refuge for all cyclists.

 This condition is TEMPORARY for the duration of construction, which will last through mid-2016. At the end of construction, the roadway will be milled, re-paved and re-striped with ample dedicated bike lanes both inbound and outbound.

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation staff worked with the Streets Department to develop this new traffic pattern in light of construction that must start at the site of the old Four Seasons Hotel.


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  1. NoLibs Res

    Please please PLEASE make a protected (barrier protected) bike lane and NOT a simple painted bike lane!!!


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