bikevoteIt’s been a long primary season, but Philly, we’re finally there: Today is primary day in Philadelphia, and we recommend you head out to your local polling station to vote. The next mayor and City Council will preside over an ever-expanding populace who are becoming more interested in utilizing Philadelphia’s walkable streets, bicycle infrastructure, and public transit. We helped put together an entire platform, then mayoral forum back in March based solely around these issues.

If you’re not sure who you want to vote for, we recommend you check out our candidate questionnaires, located at WWW.PHILLYVOTES2015.BIKE. The Bicycle Coalition sent out mayoral and City Council questionnaires to all candidates. In the mayoral race, we heard back from Democrats Doug Oliver, Jim Kenney and Lynne Abraham. We have included past statements from the other candidates who did not fill out the questionnaire.

Regarding City Council, we heard back from Democrats Helen Gym, Tom Wyatt, Kenyatta Johnson, Derek Green, Blondell Reynolds Brown, and Paul Stenke. Republican Dan Tinney answered our questionnaire, as well.

Click here to check out PhillyVotes2015.Bike.

Not sure where your polling station is? Check out, where you can enter your address and find your polling place.

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