From August 13th – 17th, the Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling (BCYC) All Star Tour Team biked from Pittsburgh, PA to Cumberland, MD on the longest Sojourn yet.

At the Youth Bike Summit last year, BCYC athletes made connections with representatives for the Great Allegheny Passage and decided they wanted to bring the rest of their team to see the world-class trail for themselves. Months of planning and coordination by the youth leadership team BCYC.le Squad made this trip a reality.

Through on and off rain, challenging gravel, and a 57.5-mile 4th leg, youth displayed the perseverance, support and empathy for each other that makes this team so special. The team trusts that everyone is doing their best, and that the group will hold up individuals that need a bit of extra support at each step.

Bicycle Coalition

The trip kicked off with a cookout and camp party hosted by local Pittsburgh cyclists. Thanks Dirt Rag Mag for welcoming the All Stars!

Bicycle Coalition

Junior Coach Mya shares a lively and engaging presentation at the Mason-Dixon line.

Bicycle Coalition

BCYC Tour Team dropping the hottest album of the year.

Feeling inspired? Thinking about taking a multi-day bike trip on the GAP trail yourself? BCYC athletes have some tips for you:

Always stretch before riding long distances.” -Marc Darden

“Dirt trails take more energy!” -Qaasim Hayes

“It had been awhile since I rode that many miles in that short of time but afterwards, after about the third day my body started to calm down and it got better, it got way more fun. Even riding in the rain was fun!” -Tajae’ McMillan

“We had some people who were totally new to camping, so that was a challenge, but we just had to come together and support each other and the rest of the trip went smoothly.” -Mya Miller

To see more photos of the Sojourn, check out the Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling Instagram.

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