An Official Step Toward Vision Zero. Earlier this year, the Bicycle Coalition and our partners introduced the Better Mobility platform which, in part, called upon Philadelphia to add a $5 fee to vehicle registration and funnel the money gained to constructing and reconstructing Phily’s streets. Well, Councilwoman Cindy Bass has introduced a bill that would do just that. In her accompanying press release, she cites the Bicycle Coalition’s Vision Zero report.

Cadence Needs Your Help — Now. Want to help send Cadence Youth Cycling athletes to Trexlertown for a weekend of cross clinics and racing tomorrow? Sure you do! Click here to donate.

Indego Station Usage. There’s a new infographic visualizing usage patters at each and every Indego station across Philadelphia—and it’s color-coded. Read more about it here.

Hit Map. NBC10 released a map earlier this week—after a violent weekend in Philadelphia traffic, including a hit and run crash involving a cab—showing all 22,888 hit and run crashes in Philadelphia since 2014. Unfortunately, even when it comes to hit and runs, NBC is still calling the crashes “accidents.”

Pope Map. The Bicycle Coalition’s Pope Map is, by definition, a work in progress. This week, it was updated with new closures and bike rental spots.

Pope Ride. And speaking of the pope weekend, the Pope Ride is up to 1.5K riders.

Walkability is important. The Surgeon General says so. U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy issued a call to action this week highlighting how walking and building walkable places can benefit all citizens. Seems sort of obvious, but hey, always good to hear our issued expressed by the federal government. StreetsBlog notes this is not the first time the Surgeon General has talked about the benefits of walkability, but it may be “the strongest and clearest call to action of its kind so far.”

Funds are important. Don’t look now, but federal funding for bicycling and walking is under attack in Washington, D.C., again. And before you ask, yes, a very, very small portion of the federal transportation budget goes to bicycling. Click here to learn how you can help.

Update: And here is additional insider information about the fight for bike and ped funding, courtesy of The Hill.

Bikes? Beers? Bikes and Beers’ second annual event is coming in October. Check out the information here.

Movie? Pizza? Beer and Bikes? Tomorrow, at Firth and Wilson Transport Cycles in Fishtown, Modacity will be hosting a film screening. While there, members of 5th Square and the person writing this blog—Bicycle Coalition Communications Manager Randy LoBasso—will be speaking. All that for $5. You should come.

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