5429187_origWhat happens when five local bikes shops, two restaurants, and two breweries get behind a single event? The second annual Philadelphia Bikes & Beers ride, that’s what.

This ride, which began in San Diego and has since spread to a number of cities, will be rolling through Philly on October 18th. Starting and ending at Yards Brewery on Delaware Avenue, riders will cover a 14 mile route across the city and will be stopping at Rembrandt’s, Dock Street Brewing, McGillin’s Ale House, and then back to Yards where the fun will continue.

At Yards, riders will be able to enjoy a free pint of a tasty brew of their choosing as well as enjoy live music, games, and food from a number of local food trucks — in case they aren’t already full enough. There will also be a raffle for three new bikes, restaurant gift certificates, and riding gear.

Rides will be staggered every half hour and leaving in four different groups between 9:30am and 11:00am

This ride is restricted to those 21 and over. Registration is $40 per person and $34 for groups of five to 20 riders. Those who sign up early will get these prices. On September 14th, the prices jump by $5. Event organizers ask that all riders bring helmets and a valid form if identification. And they don’t mind if people dress up. Superhero outfits are not discouraged.

For those concerned about a horde of rowdy, drunken cyclists hogging the streets on a peaceful Sunday morning, there is no need to worry. Time spent at each stop shouldn’t allow for much imbibing. In fact, this very issue was discussed in a recent issue of Spoke Magazine.

“Bikes & Beers is an awesome event about building community between cyclists and local businesses, like cafes, bars and breweries…The tastings are limited in size and spaced out across enough time that it’d be nearly impossible for even a lightweight to get drunk,” Bicycle Coalition Communications Manager Randy LoBasso said in an article titled “Biking While Drunk” in Issue 3 of Spoke.  “We think the bicycling community should be, and usually is, smart enough to know their individual limits and cut themselves off before getting drunk when participating in a Bikes & Beers, or similar, event.”

This event is not only about fun, it also benefits your friendly neighborhood bicycle coalition. Last year, the Bicycle Coalition received a generous donation of $1,000 dollars and will again be receiving another portion of the proceeds from this year’s ride.

To register for this event, click here.

-Zach Mentzer

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