This blog is part of our year-end “Why We’re Thankful” series, highlighting the Bicycle Coalition’s—and your—accomplishments of 2014.

Lots of cities around the world have bike share systems nowadays. Philadelphia does not. But in June, City Council approved a Bike Share system for Philadelphia, making sure the system will become reality in the spring. And hey, it’s already getting some fine press from city publications.



Philadelphia may have been late to the game, but ours is going to be the best bike share system in the country. Here’s the December 2014 Bike Share Planning Update from the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities. The Bicycle Coalition’s Better Bike Share team has been working this year on ways to bring bike share to underserved communities and neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia—which is something no city has tried before. Know this: The whole country is going to be watching the roll-out of Philadelphia’s bike share system, and we’re proud to be a big part of it.

The Bicycle Coalition and the people of Philadelphia couldn’t have made this accomplishment happen—or any of our accomplishments, for that matter—without your help. We need your participation to continue our work in 2015 and beyond. So, if you’re not yet, consider becoming a member of the Bicycle Coalition by clicking the button below.

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