This blog is part of our year-end “Why We’re Thankful” series, highlighting the Bicycle Coalition’s—and your—accomplishments of 2014.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia does a lot of work to assess how the public responds to our work. We regularly tally bike counts, monitor bike behavior, and assess where people are biking. Earlier this year, we put together a report (complete with infographics) showing how many Philadelphians actually use their bikes in Philadelphia, where they’re doing it, and how we compare to the rest of the country. What we found was encouraging.

So encouraging, in fact, we’ll just let the infographic do the talking for us.


Bike PHL Facts infographic1


The Bicycle Coalition and the people of Philadelphia couldn’t have made this happen—or any of our accomplishments, for that matter—without your help. We need your participation to continue our work in 2015 and beyond. So, if you’re not yet, consider becoming a member of the Bicycle Coalition by clicking the below button.

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