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Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects in the Draft PA 2017 TIP

Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects in the Draft PA 2017 TIP

When it comes to transparency in transportation funding The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission is a regional leader. Over the years they have refined their public comment process. When agencies and authorities were still demanding comments in writing or in person, DVRPC begun accepting comments on transportation projects via email. In the past few years DVRPC’s has incorporated online commenting. No need to construct awkward emails or sit through mundane meetings.

This month there are several items related to bicycle and pedestrian travel that need your input. The items are all part of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) but are within different transportation documents. We’ll try to break it down to keep your head (and ours) from exploding.

Monthly Board of Commissioner’s Meeting (TIP Action Items)

On the agenda for this month’s board meeting. DVRPC has decided to allocate Regional Trail funds towards six trail segments in Gloucester, Camden, Burlington and Mercer Counties. Please submit a comment by tomorrow June 22nd at 12 PM. Simply copy and paste the sample paragraph below and feel free to personalize it.

“Thank you for approving the expenditure of Regional Trail Funds for these segments of Circuit Trails in New Jersey. I support funding the New Jersey Circuit Trails and I ask that these trail segments be added to the NJ TIP.”

Draft FY2017 TIP for Pennsylvania

  1. Retrofit for Bike Lanes and Shoulders on PA Suburban Roads. Let PA County Commissioners know that you support the commitment of $500,000 for bike facilities on state roads in Delaware, Chester, Montgomery & Bucks Counties.
  2. In addition, the draft PA TIP continues the inclusion of the Circuit Line Item which was added into the current TIP (FY 2015-2018) last summer. This money is necessary to ensure that the region keeps working towards its goal of achieving the completion of Circuit Trails network by 2040 as directed by the DVRPC Long Range Plan.

Submit your comments to DVRPC by going to our DVRPC PA TIP Comment letter by June 27th. Once again, personalizing your letter demonstrates your full support for better bike infrastructure.


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  1. Ken canzano

    Please support bike lanes. Safe bike lanes offer a multitube of benegits, including: safety, enabling, and reducing carbon emissions

  2. Jay Jones

    Bikes belong, but road engineers and motorists have forgotten this. Actually, roads were developed for bikes, horses and pedestrians – before the automobile arrived and pushed everyone to the side. I strongly support significant investments in bicycle infrastructure, protected bike lanes and improving/enhancing overall alternative transportation access. Safe routes are essential to encouraging more people to ride instead of drive. Riding is healthy, reduces harmful emissions, reduces vehicle traffic congestion and connects people with their surroundings. As NJ implements a 23 cent per gallon tax, bicycling is a less expensive alternative…and in some cases, the only affordable option.


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