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4 Miles of New Lanes and 9 Miles of Upgrades: 2017 Philly Bike Infrastructure

According to the Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems (oTIS), the City of Philadelphia added and improved 33 miles of on-road bike infrastructure (bike lanes and sharrows) in 2017. Included in this number are approximately 4 miles of new bike lanes and 9 miles of existing conventional bike lanes that were upgraded with a painted buffer. The […]

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Region TAPs Federal Program for Bicycle and Trail Projects

The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) has announced $7.5M in awards for non-highway transportation projects submitted from the five Southeastern PA counties. Among these projects, which will receive Transportation Alternative Program funding1, are two major Philadelphia bicycle projects and several regional trails. Here is a preview of how this money will impact bicycling in our region. […]

2014 Summer Communications Intern

It’s nearly summer, that magical time when a man’s heart, a woman’s heart, a child’s heart, and all other hearts turn towards thoughts of bicycling. This yearning-heart-turning can cause mild chest discomfort if you don’t rotate your torso at the appropriate time and point your heart towards a nearby bicycle. (For office workers, we recommend […]

Where in University City Would You Like a Bike Rack?

The University Bike Collective which launched last year is undertaking its first public campaign – to identify areas in need of more bike parking. They announced the initiative February 14th on their Facebook page: In an effort to make biking more convenient in University City, the University Bike Collective asks YOU, where do we need more bike racks? […]

Sharing Philly Love on Twitter Today with #whyilovephilly

Philly has, at times, flirted with something of an inferiority complex. Various organizations and people have attempted to address it, using popular contemporary means of mass messaging. In the 1970s, that was billboards:   Today, it’s Twitter. The Philly Love Notes blog is leading a charge today to flood the Twitter pipes with genuine statements of #whyilovephilly. […]

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