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Dan Tinney’s Responses to the Bicycle Coalition’s Council Questionnaire

City Council plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety of its citizens while using Philadelphia’s streets.  The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia prepared a questionnaire for all 2015 at-large and District Council candidates.  These responses serve as campaign commitments to Better Mobility in 2015. Dan Tinney’s responses are in italics. 1. Adopt and Implement a Vision Zero […]

Bicycle Coalition Delivers 200 Signatures to Council, Testifies for Safer Streets

By the time the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s representatives showed up at City Council on Tuesday, our petition for Safer Streets had received more than 220 signatures and stories from supporters concerned about Philadelphia’s streets — which, after a tough winter, are full of pot holes, faded paint and ravaged bike lanes. That petition […]

4 Ways You Can Make Streets Better — TOMORROW

We can’t stress this point enough: The Philadelphia Streets Department needs more money to get its work done. And that work, in turn, will make our city’s streets better for all road users, increasing the miles of streets paved and the miles of bike lanes installed. And here’s the kicker: You have several opportunities over the […]

Tonight: A City Council Candidate Convention

The group Young Involved Philadelphia will is hosting a candidate convention tonight at 6pm—and we see no better time for you to ask candidates for City Council how they feel about improving bike and pedestrian infrastructure. After all, City Council has given themselves final say over new bike lanes and it would help us all […]

City Council Candidate Embraces Bicycle Safety at Campaign Kickoff

Since releasing our Safer Streets report late last year, a number of Philadelphia city officials have shown massive support for safer streets and a Vision Zero policy. Councilwoman Cindy Bass, for instance, introduced a Vision Zero resolution on Dec. 11, echoing our message of cutting traffic injuries in half by 2020. It’s time to add another […]

Councilman Greenlee Shelves 22nd St. Safety Plans

For the time being, 22nd Street will have no lane markings.  At-Large Councilman Bill Greenlee has rejected two different pavement marking plans prepared by the Streets Department that would have made 22nd Street safer for all users, including motorists. As we reported a month ago, when the Streets Department “milled” 22nd Street earlier this summer, it planned to […]

Complications Hindering 22nd Street Bike Lane Extension

A few weeks ago, 22nd Street between Spring Garden Street and Fairmount Avenue was milled and prepared for resurfacing. The City’s 2012 Pedestrian/Bicycle Plan calls for a bike lane for this stretch of 22nd Street, and the Streets Department is prepared to install the bike lane. But things have gotten complicated. For these five blocks […]

City Council Committee Votes on Bike Share This Friday

This Friday a City Council committee will be holding a hearing on a bill approving the bike share agreements announced by the City of Philadelphia last month. The Committee on Transportation and Utilities is holding a hearing on Bill 140449 at 1pm this Friday, June 6th. If successfully passed out of Committee, the bill will […]

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