Since we last reported on the 13th St. improvement project, a lot has happened, but not everything. The street was milled, manhole covers and utilities were reset, and the street was paved. But now, two months later, there still isn’t any line stripping, parking signs or flex posts. So what’s happening!?

Here is what we do know:

  • The City has been waiting for the fabrication of more signs for a set of projects and loading zones
  • PPA has to give public notice of the change in parking (from the left side of the street to the right side) for 30 days
  • That notice went up in July
  • The City should be starting to add the line striping and the parking signs
  • After that happens, the flex posts to create a protected bike lane will go in

Once signs are installed, the Parking Authority will be able to enforce any parking violations so please share any issues with the PPA on social media or via phone call.

Note: The bike lane will be fully protected from South Street to Spring Garden Street with two exceptions: in front of Woody’s and Macy’s, the lane will convert into a buffered bike lane for security and loading/unloading reasons. We did not support this alteration to the original design. We encourage anyone who notices any issues with the bike lane to contact oTIS( and Councilmember Squilla (

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