Planning your next bike ride now that the weather finally feels like Spring? We are too! The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has the resources, interactive maps, and planned routes to help you plan your trip in Delaware County and its neighboring counties throughout the Greater Philadelphia area. We’ll also share resources and guides from the region’s Metropolitan Planning Organization, DVRPC and helpful information from the 65+ organizations that make up the Circuit Trails Coalition.

Before you head out to your favorite route, take a look at the Bicycle Coalition’s interactive Regional Bike Map. By accessing the map, you’ll have the latest routes to various bike lane facilities, existing Circuit Trails, other trails, and on-road bike routes for the nine-county region. Additionally, you may be wondering which Circuit Trails are in the planning process or expected to be constructed soon in your area. This interactive map of the Circuit Trails is frequently updated by staff at DVRPC and is a great resource for understanding the growing network of Circuit Trails and the long-range plan to bring 800+ miles of trail to the region. To stay in the know, follow the latest Circuit news by becoming a Circuit Citizen.

If you’re already a Bicycle Coalition member, you can access our Ride with GPS library with over 175 routes that are designed to be safe and fun ways to get around the region. A few routes in our library include one of the most lovely trails in the region: the Chester Creek Trail in Media! If you’re not a member, join today and access to the ride series is all yours. For upcoming events this year, be sure to stay tuned to our events calendar for opportunities to explore the trails and meet fellow bike enthusiasts and advocates from across the region. One of the many events that our members look forward to is our annual Explore the Circuit ride series. It’s a great way to learn and ride along newly constructed trails or portions of the Circuit network that need advocates to push for more miles in their area. In fall of 2022, the Bicycle Coalition will host this event in Delaware County with details to be announced soon! 

One additional resource that is worth sharing, is DVRPC’s Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS) and Connectivity Analysis that was released in 2021. This resource provides an in-depth connectivity analysis which includes low-stress areas, bicycle facilities and roads that are identified as lowest stress to high traffic stress region wide to help users identify the safest roads to reach their destination. 

We hope these resources will help you navigate along the safest streets and the most popular trails to enjoy the upcoming season. If you have any questions or want to learn more about these resources, please contact the Bicycle Coalition’s Regional Organizer, Patrick Monahan at

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