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If you’re driving a car in Pennsylvania and you want to pass a cyclist on the street, state law requires you give the cyclist four feet of space when doing so.

But you wouldn’t necessarily know it. The law is largely unenforced and drivers who don’t also ride bicycles are largely ignorant of the youngish law. But the four-foot law is very often used to prosecute cases against drivers who hit cyclists after the fact.

Given the large scale ignorance of this law, we teamed up with PennDOT to print and give out these new bumper stickers, the first shipment of which we got in our office this week.

The sticker makes the law clear: If you want to pass a cyclist, you must give four feet.

So, hopefully, one day, we won’t see conversations like this one (from my Twitter feed):

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s new Regional Planner Leonard Bonarek is helping to organize distribution of the stickers, which are offered in packs of 100 to groups that have the capacity to distribute them widely.

You can email if you’re interested in a large pack of stickers to hand out to your group.

Want a sticker now?

Stop by the Bicycle Coalition offices at 1500 Walnut Street, Suite 1107. We’ll give you a few.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be handing these stickers out all summer at our tabling events, group rides, and classes. Check out our calendar for details on those rides and events we’ll be at.

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