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Editor’s Note: This blog post was written by Cadence Youth Cycling Athlete Mya Miller.

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On April 29th, Cadence Youth Cycling held its first Time Trial for the 2017 spring season. Every site team came out to Kelly Pool to compete in a time trial against the other sites for a spot on the podium in each category and the points needed to move up a category.

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For Category C (Cat C) riders, their starting point was at east falls bridge; they rode back down MLK Drive then up Black Road to the finish line.

The race’s distance was a total of 2.1 miles. However Cat B and A riders didn’t have such a luxury, they started at the bottom of Black Road went up MLK Drive to East Falls Bridge only to turn around to go back down MLK Drive and go up Black Road to the finish line. Black Road is a hill on the side of MLK Drive.

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In between races, we played intense games of dodgeball and kickball. After all the festivities the event concluded in burritos and and different kinds of snacks.

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-Mya Miller


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