Bicycle Coalition

On Saturday, BCYC athletes competed in a scavenger hunt-style alley cat ride through Fairmount Park.

Each team had one hour to gear up and plan their route, then three hours to travel to each location on the hunt and complete a task.

The race ended with awards and a lunch party at Lemon Hill catered by team sponsor District Taco.

Bicycle Coalition

Team Kipp Dubois Collegiate Academy at their first checkpoint! Each athlete had to give 5 cycling nutrition and hydration tips before the whole team could advance.

Fun Day is the first weekend event of our spring season, and it’s always a favorite of our athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers.

Bicycle Coalition

Team Multi-Cultural Academy CS at Strawberry Mansion, where athletes shared cycling related and personal SMART goals

Members of the BCYC family shared some of their favorite moments of the day:

Devante Bivens: “A highlight of the day was definitely getting to see lots of other people from other schools enjoying themselves. It lets me know that the program is doing something right being able to bring so many new faces to the scene. It was a lot of positive energy and I can’t wait to see everyone with the same excitement during our upcoming events.”

Jelani Brown: “My highlight of the day was awesome having all the new and old athletes come together in order to get to their destination. This was a very fun experience for both them and me. I explored different places and remapped where things are. This was a great event that was well planned out. Seeing everyone enjoying the day while be competitive is the reason why I love this program! And seeing the new soon to be all stars have fun put a smile on my face!”

Mya Miller: “Fun Day is always the best day of the season. There’s always the healthy competition between the site teams. That lightheartedness and bonding is a great way to start the season off in my books.”

Bicycle Coalition

Another great thing about Fun Day–athletes get this season’s fresh new kit from BCYC friends Vie13 Kustom Apparel!

Lurena Watkins: “The Fun day event was really fun and I agree is always the best event of the season. Having all youth and coaches trying to be the best is awesome. The competition was great and the day was beautiful. The teams getting to know each other was a great experience for everyone and hopeful will be the same in future events.”

Dante Smith: “Saturday was amazing. I like how we all can come together as family and have such great sportsmanship.”

Sheila Morrison-Wesley: “As a parent this was my first time coming to a fun day. It was awesome! I loved meeting other parents. I loved seeing so many youth engaged in healthy fun activities. I love how much the coaches provided the youth with positive feedback. I liked that all the teams had a chance to be highlighted. I enjoyed hearing from the youth committee. I was glad to see both girls and boys representing in leadership positions. My son Dennis enjoyed it as well. He didn’t provide much detail, but he did mentioned that he really liked the tacos.”

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