Every month the Fairmount Park Conservancy and Women Bike PHL host a group ride to the Philly Pumptrack in West Fairmount Park for a Ladies-Only morning. This month’s is this Sunday!

If you’ve never ridden a BMX bike, it’s a great place to learn and there’s a really encouraging group of people to learn with and from.

I had never ridden a BMX bike or ever done anything even remotely similar, so I was admittedly a little skeptical at first.


It was so awesome. I’ve never had so much fun on a bike. You start on an easier part of the track and get used to the bikes and how to go around turns and then you move over to the much larger and more fun part of the course (when you’re ready! Above is a picture of me on the harder part of the course). I can’t emphasize enough how much fun this event is.

You should all come out. But don’t take just my word for it, here are some testimonials from other attendees as well!

Sarah Stokes

“Ladies’ morning at the Pumptrack was SO DARN RAD! When the Women Bike PHL group ride arrived, there were already a few awesome women tearing up the track and ripping around like pros. Heidi, who manages the track, was so welcoming and helpful. She gave us all the rundown on the different bikes they had (20″ BMX and 24” cruisers) and how to get comfortable on the track. After doing a couple of laps on the smaller track and getting comfortable on a bike, riders had the option to take a stab at riding the bigger pump track. The berms were as tall as me!!! It was really cool to see instant boosts of confidence build all around me, as women who had NEVER even ridden a bike in the dirt, took to the Pumptrack like it was second nature. There were a few wipeouts, but after we spilled a little of our own blood and got real sweaty, the Sunday morning dirt church was in full effect! I met some fearless females and made new friends, who I’m looking forward to riding with next month! It’s an awesome experience for anyone who is interested in exploring all of the amazing extracurriculars Philly has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced MTB’er or you just like cruising around in your sandals with the wind at your back, the Pumptrack isn’t something to miss out on! 🙂

Jennifer Mussio

“I’m 46 years old. Last month, for the first time in 30+ years, I bought a bike and am enjoying the freedom by riding as often as I can. When the opportunity to ride Pump Track with similar minded Ladies arose, I jumped on it! While my form needs a lot of work I had a blast trying something new and watching new friends both succeed and fall (only to get back up and ride again). I can’t wait to go back again!!!”

Camille Durocher

“Super, super fun. Discovered some new muscle groups as I was whipping around the course. 🙂 A new twist on my usual bike handling drills. Thinking of trying it? Just do it. .. but don’t show up in a road kit, you won’t need it!”

Marni Brewster

“I love going to the Pumptrack. It was so fun! This particular visit was super fun because there were so many ladies out enjoying themselves and pushing themselves. It was awesome to be a part of women growing. I would tell someone if they are woman-identified to come to the lady’s only times. Go with a friend on your first trip. You can borrow a helmet and bike and the people who run the track and visitors are generally very kind and helpful. Bring water!”

Alexandria Schneider

“It was amazing experience! I really enjoyed learning to use a pump track, and it really introduced me to a style of riding I’d never tried before. I’d never been to a proper BMX track before, and had only ridden BMX bikes around near where I grew up. My favorite parts were, hills disturbingly enough, when I got injured, and just being with a bunch of newbies. I wasn’t discouraged, I just got back on the bike, and completed a circuit. It felt like being a kid again! To someone thinking of trying it, I’d say just go for it! It’s an amazing experience, and a really fun time with awesome people.”




The details of the events are:

The ride departs from Fairmount Bicycles (2015 Fairmount Avenue) at 10:00 AM and will get to the Pumptrack at approximately 10:30 AM. We will ride at a conversational pace to the Pumptrack.

If you would like, you can meet us at the Pumptrack (5300 Parkside Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19131) at 10:30 AM.

Ride whatever bike to the event because we will borrow bikes at the pumptrack to use, but helmets are required!

Rebecca Fisher

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