Philly Bike Race Petitions Delivered to Rep. Brady

by | February 9, 2017 | Featured | 1 comment

Bicycle Coalition

Bicycle Coalition staff Sarah Clark Stuart and Bob Previdi giving Rep. Brady our Philly bike race petitions.

More than 2,000 people signed our petition to bring back the Philadelphia Cycling Classic (a.k.a. the “Manayunk Bike Race”) over the course of four days.

The Classic was cancelled for 2017 (for now), but we wanted the city to know that there are people from all over the city, and the country, who come out to see the race every year—and we want to do everything we can to bring it back.

In signing our petition, many of you told your stories of what the race means to you, your families, and your friends. We thank you for that.

Because on Wednesday, on his way into a meeting with Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, members of the Bicycle Coalition caught up with Congressman Bob Brady.

We gave him all the petitions and told him we’d like to see city representatives do whatever they could to bring back the race this year.

If you’ll recall, Brady has saved the race in the past.

What now? We’ll let you know. We expect to hear from city representatives soon about next steps.

But no matter what happens, remember that your city heard from you, they know your stories, and they know how important it is to bring back the Philly Cycling Classic.

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  1. Ian Harris

    This race means so much to Philadelphia’s profile, both domestically and globally. The race should be helping the city and its businesses.


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