Our New Strategic Plan: How to Increase Bike Trips and Lower Traffic Injuries

by | January 20, 2015 | Featured, research | 2 comments

bicycling_funandsafeHere at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, we take great pride in being able to predict the future. (Or, at least, come pretty close.) With that in mind, five years from now, in 2020, we’re pretty sure the following will be true:

  • More people are biking but fewer are getting hurt
  • Bike mode share triples across the region
  • Philadelphia continues to be the #1 big city for bicycle mode share
  • The number of bicycle and pedestrian deaths and injuries in Philadelphia falls by half
  • For trips under four miles, bicycling and walking are viewed as convenient, safe transportation choices
  • You can ride all day on a trail network to and from Philadelphia and any surrounding county
  • Philadelphia is recognized as a national model for innovative transportation policies and facilities
  • Our streets are calmer because motor vehicles and bikes are doing a better job of following the rules of the road

How are we going to make it happen? Lots of ways. All of which can be found in our new Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan lists all our current goals and objectives, means of engagement with the public, collaborations with diverse populations, telling more compelling stories, and lots more. Check out the whole thing here.

Within those strategic goals and objectives, we’ve listed ways in which to measure our effect over three years. That will include a 33 percent increase in bike trips across the region, a 10 percent reduction in pedestrian and bicycle crashes, 60 new miles of Circuit trails, 30 new miles of bike lanes in Philadelphia, 45,000 new students receiving bicycle and safety instruction through Safe Routes Philly, and 20 sites hosting Cadence Youth Cycling teams.

Pretty ambitious, huh? Check out the strategic plan, which is now live on our site. And as always, we appreciate your feedback.


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  1. Aaron B

    One word:
    Protected bike lanes.

    Let’s make it happen!

  2. Joseph

    I really hope this extends to New Jersey as well. We have such potential to expand safe trips by bike in Camden County with our network of old, dense towns, but we need the will to execute our bike plan.


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