By BCGP Member Kimberley Bezak

Bicycle Coalition

Earlier this week, something truly incredible happened.  We went grocery shopping! Wait, why the buzz about a trip to the grocery? Well to be a bit more specific, we didn’t just go grocery shopping. We went grocery shopping on a cloudy, cold MONDAY morning, in February, ON OUR BIKES!

Narberth Cycling Club has celebrated many milestones over the past year that have triggered excitement, but this one really stood out. A fair-weather bike ride to beer is easy. Riding a bike in a Halloween costume rocks.  And few can resist biking to ice-cream. But this was different. “Bike to Trader Joe’s” marked the first time Narberth Cycling Club offered an event focused on biking-for-transportation! It started a few months back, when Narberth Cycling Club member, Kerry Catapano, asked if she could ride along with me sometime for my weekly bike ride to the grocery. Fast forward to February and “Bike to Trader Joe’s” was born. I honestly didn’t expect much interest in the event. I’ll pick a bike ride to beer or yoga over a winter ride to the grocery any day. Imagine my surprise at 9:30 on a Monday morning when 10 NCC members showed up for the ride!

We had a blast! We enjoyed some fresh air, exercise, and socializing, as we leisurely explored the route. When Trader Joe’s came into view,  I heard someone exclaim, “wow, I can’t believe we’re already here!”  About 15 minutes after leaving downtown Narberth, we were inside the store stocking up on food for the week without the dreadful stress of waiting and searching for a parking spot.  At 10:30, we were loading groceries onto bikes for the trip home. Folks with cargo bikes, bike racks and bike trailers happily shared space with those without a way to carry groceries home.

In no time we were back in Narberth. Before we parted ways, someone said, “if you offer this again next week, I’ll definitely be there!” Others voiced agreement. So next Monday March 5th, we’re going to do it again. Click here to join us! In Narberth, biking to buy groceries really is all the buzz!


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