During the month of September, anyone who donated, joined, renewed, or made a gift membership was entered to win a VIP entry into the 2023 Philly Bike Ride. Our winner was Jean Wong!

“I am a DelCo proud resident whose primary mode of transportation is biking. I do not own a car so I do everything on my bike—from grocery shopping to commuting for work. Unfortunately, last year, I was t-boned by a speeding car in West Philly while biking home at night. I sustained a small spinal fracture and was afraid to bike long distances in the months following the accident. This photograph is the last bikepacking trip I have done since the accident. I started donating to the BCGP because I really want to see better protection for bikers like myself. This includes more and better bike lanes across the city and DelCo and well-lit streets.”

—Jean Wong, BCPG Member since 2022

Jean joined nearly 5,000 (!) other riders on Saturday for the second annual Philly Bike Ride.

We had a blast tabling for both packet pickup and the Ride itself. A huge thanks and congratulations are due to our partners at American Bike Ride for their extraordinary lift as organizers—it is no small feat to close 20 miles of road in the city, coordinate thousands of riders, and establish such a fun, inviting environment for riders of all walks and skill levels—we are proud and excited to be founding partners of Philly Bike Ride—this year, last year, and ahead as it grows.

Thanks is due also to the lovely group of volunteers who joined the group effort of staff & board to keep our table busy and open; it is always humbling and impressive to see the warmth and enthusiasm of our members in action.

… And speaking of members, we welcome all of our new members! It was a true pleasure talking to so many folks from across the region and beyond, who shared your unique views, experiences, and energy, who stepped up to generously support our advocacy and education work, including our Youth Cycling League—BCYC athletes and coaches made a noteworthy appearance on the scene, bringing their own unstoppable, exuberant energy to the day, despite the rain.

If you missed the ride, missed the September raffle, missed your renewal date, or have just been thinking for a while that you’d like to support our year-round work to make your ride better, you are in luck, because it’s time once more for our end of year bike raffle!

That’s right, folks—we’ll be raffling off a Retrospec Ascent, thanks to our generous friends at Keswick Cycles.

All you have to do is donate, join, renew, or make a gift membership between now and the end of this year!

Finally, thanks is due to our own Mya Miller, a BCYC alum who joined our staff this Fall to support with Gala, the Philly Bike Ride, data management for BCYC, and more. Her measured approach, resourceful dedication, and relentless sense of humor were indispensable this season. It is with a heavy heart that we bid Mya bon voyage to return to her work teaching English to high school students in Spain—we miss you Mya, but hope you are having a great time overseas!

I am immensely proud to serve on such a kind, generous, and talented staff, for all of the raw effort, patience, and mutual support of my coworkers, but even moreso, the work they all do throughout the year to make Philadelphia a safer, better-connected place to ride, walk, and live.

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