Our BCYC youth have had an exciting Fall Season! From an amazing group of almost 60 core participants, to our Annual Gala and Awards Dinner, and Philly Bike Ride, there’s been no shortage of happenings for our Coaches and Athletes!

We recently participated in the Philly Bike Ride on October 14th, where we enjoyed 20 miles of car-free streets with almost 5,000 cyclists who came to Philly to take part in this year’s event! While the weather was cold and rainy, our group of 33 youth athletes and coaches had a blast practicing some of the cycling skills they’ve learned over the last couple of weeks including bike handling, riding in large groups, shifting gears, and more!

Prior to the event Program Director Lana Harshaw, Coach Vanessa Wimberly, and Youth Athlete Randell Campbell appeared on a FOX 29 Philly news segment covering the Philly Bike Ride! So cool to see our BCYC program get some brotherly love from our local news station!

After an exciting Philly Bike Ride, the BCYC team smoothly transitioned into a lively celebration. Laughter and cheers filled the air as they hit the dance floor, showcasing their moves and sharing the day’s triumph. The festival atmosphere noticeably elevated once the BCYC contingent arrived, injecting the cold and wet venue with their infectious energy.

Four of our Youth Advisory Council (YAC) members engaged with riders at the BCYC tent, sharing their experiences and encouraging others to get involved with the program. Towards the end of the festivities, Coach Wimberly and core team member Randall went up to the stage and  shared their BCYC journey with the audience.

Afterwards, the whole crew rode back to the Sedgley Porterhouse together, carrying the lively spirit and enjoyment with them.

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