This year has provided a lot of opportunities for the Circuit Trails Coalition to achieve their 500 miles by 2025 goal.

The Circuit Trails Action Team has mapped out trail segments throughout the region that are the “In Progress” and “Pipeline” categories by county.

The map above is a preview of what is covered in each county and its current trail status. Below is a brief overview of what each trail status entails.

  • Existing: These trails are open for use so get out there and explore them!
  • In Progress: These trails are currently being designed or built.
  • Pipeline: DVRPC, local governments, and non-profit organizations are actively working to move these trails forward by conducting studies, acquiring rights-of-way, engaging local communities, and laying the groundwork to obtain funding for future design and construction.
  • Planned: These trails are documented in local, county or regional plans. They represent excellent opportunities for regional-scale, multi-use trails. Studies or plans may have been prepared for these trails, but a sponsor is not actively working to move them forward.

To see what’s the latest in trail development in your county, visit the Circuit Trails – Get Involved page and select a county that you’re interested in by clicking the tab under Moving the Circuit Froward to Reach 500 Miles by 2025.

For quick access, select the county below:

Each county info sheet covers the priority trail that the Circuit Trails Action Team has selected in coordination with their 2021 goal to move the Circuit network closer to it’s campaign goal of 500 miles by 2025. Each county includes a list of the trails that you can expect to see in the coming years. A full report will be published soon with greater detail to keep you up to date on this growing network of trails.

If you have interest in helping us reach our goal and are passionate about the Circuit Trails network, you can get involved by becoming a Circuit Citizen and joining the Action Team in your county.

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