night shaymThe upcoming M. Night Shyamalan movie, Split, will be filming in Philadelphia next week, and will partially block the Pine Street bike lane in Center City, according to a member of the film crew.

The filming begins at 10pm on Tuesday, Nov. 11 and will not end until 2am on Saturday, Nov. 14. It will start again on Monday, Nov. 16, then go until 10pm on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

The streets blocked include Pine Street between 20th and 21st, according to film crew member Joshua Clarke, and the crew has secured the proper permits through the City of Philadelphia’s managing director’s office.

Cars parked on that street will be towed before filming. Clarke added that the crew will be blocking the bike lane specifically because of tree clearance on the northern side of Pine. However, two lanes (the car lane and the parking lane) will continue to be open on that section of Pine Street during those times.


We just received this information from a crew member on the shoot:

“Due to clearance issues with the trucks, we had to park on the N side of Spruce between S 20th & S 21st Sts as well.  The middle and parking lanes remain open for safety.”


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