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In a document released this morning, the Kenney Administration outlined the recommendations reported by each transition committee for the first six months of his mayoral administration.

We at the Bicycle Coalition are very familiar with this transition team, especially since our Executive Director, Sarah Clark Stuart, was chosen as a member. Back in November, we put together a Q&A with Sarah, in which she outlined her vision for her interim.

“I am slated to work on developing recommendations about Vision Zero, how the Streets Department can put the city’s streets and sidewalks into a good state of repair, expanding bike share, improving the pedestrian realm, and an office of Complete Streets,” she said.

Looks like she made her point. In the “Infrastructure and Transportation” section of the report, the first, second and third priorities directly relate to, and mention, a Vision Zero policy. Here’s a screenshot:

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It’s already been reported that the Kenney Administration will be bringing in a Complete Streets Commissioner tasked with “making sure our streets are as multimodal as possible, including advocating for protected bike lanes,” according to Philadelphia Magazine.

In addition to implementing a Vision Zero Task Force and setting priorities, we are excited the document mentions expanding Indego Bike Share, which was one of the priorities of our Better Mobility Report in 2014.

Kenney has, on numerous occasions, pledged his support to a Vision Zero Platform. He additionally spoke at the Bicycle Coalition’s Vision Zero Conference in December, noting protected bike lanes and better enforcement should be part of that upcoming platform.

We will have more information and analysis of the transition document in the coming days.

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