Attention all Delco-based advocates for better bicycling and proponents of people-powered mobility! The Bike Delaware County affiliate group is forming a committee of advocates to improve biking in the Delaware County and Greater Philadelphia area.

Because bicycling is, with the proper facilities, a form of transportation that can link many parts of the county together, Bike Delco hopes to draw members of the committee from disparate areas in the county. Committee members will be expected to bring a diverse array of issues pertaining to the challenges and advantages of biking and otherwise moving around in their area, the county, and Greater Philadelphia.  

Duties of the Delaware County affiliate committee of BCGP would include, but not be limited to:

  • Organizing bike rides in the area, such as the ride described here
  • Propose projects that would use incoming grant money for greenways and greener infrastructure
  • Identifying routes for bicycling, both individually and as parts of organized rides
  • Organizing community members around local initiatives to improve biking in Delaware County and the region
  • Liaising with bicycling advocates in neighboring counties
  • Liaising with advocates for other alternatives to automobile-centric transportation
  • Liaising with community groups traditionally underrepresented or underserved in bike advocacy

The committee will meet at least once every three months to check in on the progress of existing initiatives and sketch out plans for the future.   

The working title of our ride series, “Edges of Possibility,” aims to capture the progress that has been made in providing for safer, lower-stress options for bicycling, particularly trails, bike lanes, marked routes, while identifying next steps for making bicycling a viable mode of transportation that goes beyond “hard-core” bicyclists and includes daily commuters, elderly people, families of small children, and people with disabilities. 

Interested in joining the committee? Please fill out this quick survey explaining why you’d like to join.

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