It’s nearly summer, that magical time when a man’s heart, a woman’s heart, a child’s heart, and all other hearts turn towards thoughts of bicycling. This yearning-heart-turning can cause mild chest discomfort if you don’t rotate your torso at the appropriate time and point your heart towards a nearby bicycle. (For office workers, we recommend swivel chairs.) And all this bicycle yearning, taken in aggregate, makes our spring and summer months wicked busy.

So we need some help! We are looking for a communications intern to help us expand our capacity and stave off any local bicycle heart arrhythmia due to erratic or oxygen-deficient bicycle news.

If you’re still reading this, that’s a good sign! The position is available from May 12th until August 22nd, but the start and end dates are flexible for the right candidate. The position is paid with a stipend, and also a nifty bicycle benefit that can get you a new, free bicycle or a new, low-cost fancier bicycle, depending on whatcha want. (More details at the interview.)

The job description is below, or available via this link. Applications will be accepted until Friday, April 25th.

So come work with us! This is a great opportunity for a college student interested in getting some real-world communications experience, or for a writer or journalist interested in producing written web content and dabbling in communications or web community management.

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