We’re excited to introduce our latest t-shirt design, which will first be available at the Kensington Derby & Arts Festival this Saturday from noon to 6pm. Come visit us at our table to buy one. We’ll also have them available on Bike to Work & Wherever Day, so you should probably RSVP.

So, without further ado, here it is!

Bicycle Coalition

You can thank local cyclist-mechanic-artist Derek Byrd for this rad design.

From the artist, Derek Byrd:

I grew up in Seattle, WA and have lived in Philadelphia for 5 years. I’ve been a cyclist since childhood, and spent most of my free time as a kid mountain biking and riding BMX. I currently work as the Lead Mechanic at Indego Bikeshare and produce artwork and comics through my publishing company Planet Mopy Productions. Bicycle advocacy is crucial to creating a safer, healthier and more equitable Philadelphia; but most importantly: Bikes are fun and cool! I can be found at:


Instagram: @nopeful 


Bicycle Coalition
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