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Bicyclists at the 2016 Ride of Silence

Four bicyclists have been killed in the Delaware Valley in the last year, and 2017 Ride of Silence attendees will remember them, and all fallen cyclists, on Wednesday, May 17th at 6:45pm.

The purpose of this silent ride is to honor cyclists killed/injured in motor vehicle related accidents and to raise awareness about the rights of cyclists to ride the roads. The ride is being held in Philadelphia for the thirteenth year in a row and in its 15th year since its inception. The ride is open to everyone.

The Ride of Silence is a national event, held in over 300 U.S. locations and in fifteen countries. Last year, more than 300 people participated in the Philadelphia and this year we are hoping to attract at least 500 riders to the event. Since 2016, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has kept track of victims of all motor vehicle crashes in Philadelphia, at

The 8-mile long route will start at the foot of the front steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

The event is rain or shine. A brief pre-ride dedication ceremony will take place at 6:45 PM and the ride will start promptly at 7pm. The pace of the ride will be 9mph.


The ride will proceed down the Parkway, circle City Hall, continue to Independence Hall, and head over to West Philly via the Walnut St. Bridge. The ride will return to the front of the Art Museum over the Spring Garden Street Bridge. The duration of the ride is expected to be one hour. Helmets are encouraged bicycle lights are required by law.


For more information, contact Randy LoBasso at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (, or the ride leaders: Ray Scheinfeld (, 215-906-7604; John Siemiarowski (, 215-837-0101.

General information on the Ride of Silence can be found at

Please register before attending the Ride of Silence. 


Cyclists and others who legally share the road with motorized vehicles.


The Thirteenth Annual Philadelphia Ride of Silence with between 300 to 500 riders from the full spectrum of the bicycle community participating, proceeding silently and at a pace of 9 miles an hour.


Wednesday May 17th, 2017, 6:45 PM at the foot of the Art Museum steps, rain or shine. Ride will start promptly at 7:00 P.M.


The event begins at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


  • To mourn the four cyclists killed by motorists and the hundreds who have had crashes involving motor vehicles in the last 11 months on the roads of the Delaware Valley.
  • To raise awareness of all road users of cyclists on the road
  • To have motorists know we only want to share the road we ride on


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