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Some of you may have gotten an email from me over the last few days, asking you to call your U.S. Representative about the Bicycle Commuter Act. If you haven’t been able to call yet — or, if the email went to your spam, or something like that — now’s the time to take action! We are trying to get the Bicycle Commuter Act attached to the most recent incarnation of the Transportation bill and we need to act now.

HR 1507: The Bicycle Commuter Act is in the Ways and Means Committee, who write the finance title to the transportation bill. The committee staff tell me that to get the Bicycle Commuter Bill included, they need a number of Committee members to weigh in with them.

The Bicycle Commuter Act reinstates and improves on the old benefit that was suspended under the Trump tax cut bill. (here’s a fact sheet.)

Especially right now, anything that can help people get to-and-from work safely and cheaply is really important. Bicycling has been increasing in cities around the country, and for people who don’t own cars or rely on transit, it can offer a safe and affordable alternative to transit.

The House Ways and Means committee is moving quickly on their part of the transportation bill, and they really need to hear from Committee members supporting the Bicycle Commuter Act if it is to make it into the bill. Our Southeast Pennsylvania Representatives Dwight Evans and Brendan Boyle are both members of the Ways and Means Committee. If you live in one of their districts, we recommend you reach out to them today and ask they support HR 1507.

UPDATE: Rep. Brendan Boyle has announced his intention to sign on as a co-sponsor! Thank you for all your support!

Their contact information is below.

Rep. Dwight Evans (D-3)
7174 Ogontz Ave.
Phone: 215-276-0340

Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-2)
5675 N. Front St., Suite 180
Phone: 267-335-5643

(If you live in Rep. Boyle’s district, be sure to let him know you appreciate his support of this legislation!)

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