Bicycle Coalition

A faded bike lane on Washington Avenue. (Photo: PlanPhilly)

One of the positive pieces of Mayor Jim Kenney’s latest budget proposal is a Vision Zero Maintenance staff—literally, a staff of 13 people whose jobs are to help maintain street infrastructure that is faded, crumbling, and generally in need of some fixing.

But just because something has been proposed doesn’t mean it’s a definite. That’s why we need your help. On Monday, April 16, members of the Bicycle Coalition, volunteers, and concerned citizens will gather in City Hall to make our case for the new Vision Zero maintenance crew.

It’s important we make our opinions known about this issue, which will likely be the biggest change between the Fiscal Year 2018 and Fiscal Year 2019 budgets.

So, here’s what we need from you:

  • Yourself. Whether you can come for the day or for an hour, it’s important we have a contingent group in City Hall on April 16. Also, because you’re great.
  • Your commitment. We understand it can be difficult getting out of work, or whatever you have going on, during the week. But if you sign up to come out with us, it’s important you clear your schedule to do so.
  • Research. Do you have photos of deteriorating infrastructure near your house, or somewhere in your district? Bring them. Send them to us beforehand. Show them to your Councilperson and let them know why we need the Vision Zero Maintenance crew.
  • Stories. What happens because of the dilapidated infrastructure in your district? Come ready to share.

If you can make it to City Hall on April 16, we’d love to have you on our side.

Click here to RSVP for the Bicycle Coalition’s Lobby Day.

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