By Eric Hartman

Young girl riding bike with an adult in a neighborhood..

Ever wish Haverford had more of a strolling, relaxed village feel? Ever wish you felt safer walking, running, or biking? Ever wish you felt safer knowing your teenager is taking a relatively short walk to a friend’s house? Ever wonder why it sometimes feels like we’re designing infrastructure for people driving through rather than living and working in our community?

We have the opportunity to share input on the upcoming redevelopment at the Haverford Station Ave/Lancaster Ave intersection. Public officials are considering ways that the intersection could be more walker and bicyclist-friendly. Here is the invitation to share your experience! 

Photo of walkable streetscape with walking and biking lanes.

Public officials need to know whether there really is broad support for the kinds of improvements that will prioritize people-powered movement and community-centered design.

Map view of Haverford Station Ave / Lancaster Ave intersection.

Infrastructure choices set the tone for decades to come. Please take a moment to share your voice through this survey and please share it with many others living in our area!

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