Cadence Youth Cycling athletes at Spring 2015 Time Trials. (Photo credit: Ryan Breslin)

Cadence Youth Cycling athletes at Spring 2015 Time Trials. (Photo credit: Ryan Breslin)

[Ed. Note: This post was written by Cadence Youth Cycling member Krystal Philson]

Hello fellow cyclists and bike lovers! My name is Krystal Philson, a four-year member of the Cadence Youth Cycling and I am very excited to be posting my first blog in honor of our Youth.

Today, I am writing to give a huge shoutout to the participants of the time trials held on April 25,2015! We had cyclist new and old from many schools such as: Mastery Pickett, KIPP, School Of The Future, Freire Charter, Ben Franklin, School Of The Future, NBW, Strawberry Mansion, and Mastery Shoemaker (Shoutout to Coach Brandon for gathering such a large team! Keep it up!).

The Cadence Time Trial groups our youth into 3 categories based on each student’s skill and ability on the bike – similar to the 5 category system used in USA Cycling.  Normally, we utilize the loop around Edgely Fields in East Fairmount Park for our TT, but due to the regatta, our loop was blocked and we had run our TT at the Mount Pleasant loop.

Category C Race

The category C race includes many of our first year participants and included 18 participants!  Our Cat-C racers had two laps and did an amazing job pushing themselves.  Solomon from Ben Franklin High School place third, Xzavier from Strawberry Mansion High School came in second place, and Kevin from Mastery Charter Shoemaker achieved a first place finish!


Category C winners (Photo credit: Ryan Breslin)


Category B Race

Our amazing B racers had a total 19 participants from all teams.  The course was extended to complete three laps and have all done a phenomenal job!  Congratulations to Isaiah from Strawberry Mansion for achieving 3rd place, Isaii from School of the Future for getting 2nd place, and Sykheem from Mastery Charter Pickett for winning first place!


Category B winners (Photo credit: Ryan Breslin)


Category A Race

Our final race of the day was with 19 of our amazing A riders who raced SIX WHOLE LAPS and still all made it through the whole time trial!! The winners made a team sweep by Neighborhood Bike Works with Ryan Breslin in first place, Lucas Semin in second, and Robert Taylor in third.  Way to go team NBW!


Category A winners (Photo credit: Ryan Breslin)


Congrats to those nine people for doing a fantastic job at the time trials! But hey even if they didn’t rank, EVERYONE pushed themselves and did an amazing job! All cyclist and coaches should be so proud! We are so excited for our next time trial! Everyone should be faster, stronger, more determined, and a huge plus is that there will certainly be more food! Thanks for reading!!

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