A groundbreaking for the new 3.2 mile extension of the Montgomery County PennyPack Trail will be held this Friday, June 6.

The currently 2.4 mile trail is designed specifically for walkers, runners, cyclists and horseback riders and is located mostly within Lorimer Park, running north from Rockledge Borough on the Montgomery County border to Huntingdon Pike in Abington Township. The trail boasts great views of the Pennypack Creek, cliffs, and woodlands of the park. The southern end provides access to miles of Lorimer Park’s own hiking trails.

The extension, which has a planned completion date of Summer 2015, will elongate both the north and south ends of the existing trail. Much of the northern addition lies along the scenic Pennypack Creek adjoining Montgomery County’s Lorimer Park and the Pennypack Wilderness Area preserved by the Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. The southern addition will include a bridge over a tributary of the Pennypack Creek into Rockledge Borough.

The event kicks off at 9:30 AM at Route 63 and Terwood Road in the gravel area near Wheelworks Car Detailing.

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