about 15 members of the Narberth Cycling Club pose for a group pic on the Manayunk Bridge on "Opening Day For Trails," an annual Circuit Trails event

If you like bikes (and you’re literally reading a bike blog right now so you probably do), the Philly Bike Expo should have a place in your life. It’s a two-day celebration of all things bike, it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary, and it’s pretty great!

We will host two seminars on day 1. Open your Expo day with an exploration of how awesome women bike advocates are. Have lunch, wander the floor, drool over bikes you can’t afford. Then check in with us at 4:30 for a deep dive into the tools that the Bicycle Coalition uses to advocate effectively, and how you can get in on the action. Get your tickets here.

Saturday 11/2, 10:30 AM:

How Women Lead The Suburban Bike Movement
Bicycle Coalition Regional Planner was in the process of organizing a suburban advocacy panel when he realized that all of the people he wanted on the panel, who had the most success at building bike movements from scratch, were women. This seminar will be a discussion about what projects these inspiring people are working on, and will attempt to quantify why women are such effective grassroots bike organizers.

Anne Gordon, CFO of Multihull Company and cyclist
Kimberley Bezak, Founder of Narberth Cycling Club
Alicia Fields-Murphy, Founder of Hammonton Kickstand Crew
Rebecca Kreck, Mullica Hill Women’s Tri-Club member, Chair of Bicycle Coalition affiliate group Bike Gloucester County
Josie Marsh, founder of Bike Kennett
Alexandria Schneider, founder of the “Cycle en Rouge” bike ride

Saturday 11/2, 4:30 PM:

Bicycle Coalition

Advocate Training: Becoming a Champion for Cyclists in Your Neighborhood and Region
Brenda Hernandez-Torres, Randy LoBasso and Leonard Bonarek will be presenting “Advocate Training: Becoming a Champion for Cyclists in Your Neighborhood & Region” at the Philly Bike Expo. The group discussion will provide participants a recounting of local victories with a toolkit for how to get more involved in civic engagement and community leadership around bike advocacy, and the Dos and Don’ts of fighting for safer streets.
We will also answer any questions people may have about getting involved in their community, or with the greater Philadelphia cycling community.

Randy LoBasso, Policy Manager, BCGP
Brenda Hernandez-Torres, Community Engagement Manager, BCGP
Leonard Bonarek, Regional Planner, BCGP

Get your tickets here.

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