For those who don’t know yet, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart recently won a grant to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, with representatives of Philadelphia Government to learn about some of the simple, safe infrastructure of Scandinavia, and how to bring it back to Philadelphia.

Copenhagen has regularly been called the best biking city in the world, and had a mode share of 45 percent, as of 2014. This sort of thing doesn’t just happen. The city leaders in Copenhagen have worked to make sure cycling is a safe, viable form of transit for anyone—something Philadelphia is still severely lacking.

Anyway, we’re very psyched to hear about the ideas Sarah and the rest of the Philadelphia contingent brings back to the city. And we’ll let you know all about it in the coming weeks, too.

In the meantime, Sarah has taken over our Instagram account, and posting photos and videos directly from the streets of Copenhagen. Check out some posts below, and be sure to follow us on Instagram!

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