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Emily Fredricks

Thank you for your support of the Emily Fredrics Fund in 2018. Moving forward, the Fredricks Fund will continue to provide safety initiatives. The fund in 2019, however, will no longer be funding replacement bicycles. 

In November 2017, Philadelphia resident Emily Fredricks was killed while riding her bicycle to work in Center City, Philadelphia. Since then, the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has worked with her family to find ways to make streets safer for cyclists in her memory.

One way we’ve done this together is the Emily Fredricks Memorial Fund.

The Emily Fredricks Memorial Fund was established by the Fredricks Family in conjunction with the Bicycle Coalition.

It benefits our initiatives for safer streets, Women Bike PHL, and the fund grants replacement bikes lost due to crashes.

In April 2018, the Bicycle Coalition & the Fredricks family hosted two events to fund safer cycling in Philadelphia and help those affected by crashes. The events combined raised $10,000 for the fund. Here’s a recap of the ProfiteROLL pastry ride and brunch.

Donations to the fund can be made here.

If you’ve been in a bicycle crash and need a new bicycle, the Emily Fredricks Memorial Fund may be able to help you.

The application form for replacement bikes is HERE.

Award decisions will be made in January 2019 after the consideration of the Fredricks Family. We are grateful for the support of this fund by Performance Bicycles, FujiUSA, SE Bikes, and Breezer, in association with Advanced Sports Enterprises.

If you’d like to support future fundraisers for the fund, please email Alan Spooner.

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