Thursday, June 16th Council Member Squilla’s bill #220523 to update the parking and loading on Washington avenue, from 4th to 11th St. was approved by City Council excluding Council Member Oh. We want to thank all the supports who submitted testimony today; Will Tung, Yasha Zarrinkelk, Jeff Posner, Hannah Ege, and David Broad. And thank everyone who has since submitted written testimony to council and to Mayor Kenney.

This bill will allow for oTIS’s Mixed Lane configuration within the 1st District on Washington avenue. However, it does not include 11th St. to Grays Ferry Ave. because Council Member Johnson neglected to introduce his own parking ordinance or amend Squilla’s to include the 2nd District.

By not submitting the change in parking and loading, oTIS is at a stand still on their agreed upon Mixed Lane Configuration of the avenue. The Mixed Lane Configuration includes parking protected bike lanes, increased pedestrian space on sidewalks and with bus islands, and additional traffic calming measures like curb extensions and speed slots near the most dangerous intersections.

We are asking Mayor Kenney to move forward with approving the Mixed Lane Configuration on ALL of Washington Avenue so that all the residents along Washington avenue can have a safer road.

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