As many already know, a 2-way parking-protected bike lane recently opened in Northeast Philly. The Ryan Avenue lane is the city’s first and comes after years of talks and planning between the Philadelphia Streets Department, Councilman Bobby Henon, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia.

The new lane was covered extensively in local media. But one more piece of note about the lane is that during the city’s press conference, representatives of city government made additional public comments showing their dedication to 30 miles of protected bike lanes during Mayor Jim Kenney’s tenure.

“This protected bicycle lane is an important first step to celebrate as we start to create a network of protected bicycle lanes in the City,” noted Mayor Kenney. [Protected bike lanes] help calm traffic and encourage people to walk and bike around the neighborhood.”

Deputy Managing Director for Transportation & Infrastructure Clarena Tolson noted protected bike lanes play a “significant role in improving our safety.”

“We’ve been closely working with a wide group of stakeholders to make sure we improve the safety of our citizens, our roadways and our public spaces,” she added, noting the lanes add “a safety improvement for all of us whether we’re driving, walking or biking in our city.”

Before he was elected, Jim Kenney made a pledge to Vision Zero at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia’s Mayoral forum. And before they came into office, the Kenney Administration released a document noting they were committed to 30 miles of new protected bike lanes.

“We look forward to bringing many more protected bike lanes to the city during this administration,” noted Kenney at the press conference. “And it’s nice to see, even though it’s been about nine months since we’ve been in office, we’re beginning to make good the promises that we made during the campaign: to make our streets more accessible and available and safe to everyone and every mode of traffic and travel.”

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