The Frankford Creek, shown as a channelized river with no natural edges

Where will the trail go? What federal funding would it be eligible for? Is an on-road alternative feasible?

Anyone who has done trail advocacy on the Circuit for a few years knows how frustratingly slow the process of trail construction can be. “Simple” projects can take years while municipalities grapple with land ownership issues, environmental regulations, permitting, and managing consultants and grant requirements. This is one reason why the Circuit Trails Coalition is pushing the region to reach 500 miles by 2025.

In fact, one of our policy recommendations to speed trail implementation in the region was the creation of this very position!

Managing a project takes time and resources, and trail project sponsors like small towns or non-profits need help!  PennDOT and DVRPC have created an additional position to assist sponsors. If you’re an engineer who loves trails and making the region safer and more accessible, this job is for you. Click here to check out its job description for the new Project Implementation Engineer position.

You would be working on projects like the Schuylkill River Trail connections to Southwest Philadelphia, Frankford Creek Trail (pictured above), and other projects that will increase access to nature and connect more neighborhoods to important destinations, such as job centers.

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