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Have you ever wondered what it will take to create more trails, and more safe places to walk, bike and be active in Philadelphia, the surrounding suburbs and into New Jersey? Have you ever wondered why your favorite trail ends where it does and what to do to make it connect farther? Have you ever just wondered about the trails where we live?

If so, we hope you’ll join the leadership of the Circuit Trails Coalition, the group behind the regional vision to connect 9 counties in Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey by trail, for a evening or lunchtime rally on Facebook Live on October 20th at 6pm and October 22nd at noon. We’re gearing up to kick off new efforts to build 500 miles of Circuit Trails by 2025.

We only need to complete 160 miles in the next few years, and we have a plan to do it—and you can help! Your personal advocacy can make all the difference. Especially this year, as so many of us have relied on the region’s trails as places to safely be active outside during the pandemic.

We hope to see you at the rally, where you can learn more about the plans for trails in our region, what you can do to help move them forward, and how to sign up to be a Circuit Citizen in your neighborhood. We’re hosting the rally twice—once at lunch time and once in the early evening—to make it easier for you to attend. Please RSVP on Facebook for the evening rally or noontime rally, whichever one works for you and we look forward to seeing you here!

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Sarah Clark Stuart


Sarah’s foray into trail and bicycle advocacy began in 2004 when she became involved in the “Free Schuylkill River Park” campaign to preserve public access to the Schuylkill River Trail in Center City, now known as Schuylkill Banks. Since joining the Bicycle Coalition in 2006, she has been a key player in the Bicycle Coalition’s key accomplishments: the $23 million TIGER trail-building grant; naming and building out the Circuit; lobbying successfully for legislation mandating the inclusion of bike parking in new construction projects; Philadelphia’s Complete Streets policy; and coordinating research and analysis of several reports on bicycling in Philadelphia.

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