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Wissahickon Cyclery has kept one goal in mind since they opened 20 years ago: help cyclists of any ability feel comfortable on a bike.  Whether it’s mothers looking for a gentle ride with their kids, or a professional cyclist looking for a top notch bike, Wissahickon Cycleryworks, works with all riders to accommodate their needs. The shop not only prides itself in its depth of knowledge and service abilities, but also their customer service department which remembers every customer and bike.

While studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology, owner Drew Guldalian fell more and more in love with bicycles, eventually opening the shop right after his graduation in 1995. Located at 7837 Germantown Avenue in Northwest Philadelphia, Wissahickon Cyclery is a full service bike shop that has just about anything a cyclist could need, including apparel, footwear, and plethora of cycling accessories. Servicing commuters, leisure riders, trail riders, or professional cyclists, the range of bicycle brands they carry includes Giant, Shimano, Scott, and Fox Racing.

If none of those interest a cyclist, they can have a custom bike built by Guldalian, who began building his own bikes in 2005 under the name Engin Cycles.

Engin Cycles all-road bicycle

Guldalian began Engin Cycles with the goal to create bikes that function both as practical machines that can be ridden often, and also as a work of craft. The shop’s comprehensive knowledge of every type of bike allows for them to give immense attention to every detail of the bike’s he builds, custom-made specifically for each rider.

With an in-house CNC mill, Guldalian is able to work around certain challenges when building custom bikes, and optimize each bike’s full potential. For example, most custom bikes have limited options for many key components including a certain set of pre-made dropouts; Engin Cycles has developed road disc dropouts that look and feel better than other brands, while keeping up with the newest braking technology.

Engin frames in the shop

Best put by Guldalian, “A love of the bicycle is at the heart and soul of Engin Cycles.” Wissahickon Cyclery’s passion for cycling shines through in every job they complete, and every bike Engin Cycles produces.

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