Bicycle Coalition

Editor’s Note: Throughout our March Member Drive, we will be highlighting not just the Bicycle Coalition’s 45-year history, but the numerous bike shops around the Greater Philadelphia Region that offer the Bicycle Coalition discount to our members — one of the many perks of becoming a Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia Member today. 

Lee Rogers opened Bicycle Therapy in 1990 with a small loan, and has since established himself as an expert technician, salesman, and wheel builder.

Located at 2211 South Street, the shop has grown as a full service independent bicycle shop that plays an active role in the Philadelphia cycling scene.

Bicycle Therapy sponsors its own elite road racing team, as well as sponsoring other road and mountain bike teams, promoting local races, and provides mechanical assistance on area charity rides.

The shop sells all types of new bikes including equipment for children, and offers a discount to Coalition members as well as a $60, 3-year service plan that includes as many tune-ups as one likes.

Bicycle Therapy also provides bike repair classes to the public, and two weekly group rides, a gentle-paced hour and a half ride on Thursday mornings, and a 3 hour endurance paced ride on Saturday mornings.

Check out their shop here and on Facebook. 

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