To make bike share successful, we want to make sure that bike share stations are in places where they will be useful and visible. The City is looking for your help in locating the first 60 stations that will be installed next spring. Visit before October 20th to give your input, and spread the #phillybikeshare love by circulating this link to your friends, family, and colleagues: the more input the City gets, the better the system will be!


Visit to give your input on where the first 60 stations should go!

You can also give your input by texting in to the number you see on the red and blue stickers that appeared on sidewalks and plazas all over town last week.

Bicycle Coalition

Photo via @greenphillyblog’s Instagram

Later in the fall, the City will be reporting on what they’ve heard through this process online and at community meetings, which will be another opportunity for the public to comment on proposed stations before bike share launches in Spring 2015.

Station Basics

  • Stations are 6.5 feet wide and can be between 45 and 75 feet long (that’s about the length of 3 to 5 mid-sized cars, nose to tail).
  • Most stations will be around 60 feet long and hold 20 bikes.
  • Stations are solar powered and wireless connected.
  • NO street parking will be removed to install bike share stations this Spring

Site Requirements

  • Stations must be placed on hard surfaces (e.g., concrete, asphalt, brick, pavers). No grass or landscaped areas.
  • If on a sidewalk, the sidewalk must be at least 13′ wide to maintain clear space for pedestrians.
  • Stations should receive sunlight for around 6 hours a day.
  • Stations must be visible and accessible from the sidewalk.

There are some places that might be great for bike share, but are not part of the phase one service area. Bike share stations have to be part of a contiguous network of stations both to be useful for users and to be serviced and maintained by the operator.

While bike share works best where the population is the most dense, Philly Bike Share will not be a system that is only available in Center City. The City has committed to making this new affordable transit system available in low-income neighborhoods. When the system is fully built out, bike share will be available to half of our low-income population.

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