Bike Racks Now In Philly and Camden PATCO Stations

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15-16 Locust Bike Parking

In 2015, the Port Authority Transit Corporation installed inverted U-racks inside the paid area at three of its Center City Stations on Locust St (9th-10th, 12th-13th and 15th-16th Locust). Those racks have proven to be popular, reaching at- or near-capacity on cold and rainy days. They were installed in response to the demand demonstrated in the 2013 Bike to Transit Station Survey.

8th and Market PATCO

8th and Market PATCO Station

This month, PATCO installed bike parking outside the paid areas at 8th and Market and Camden City Hall Stations. At the 8th and Market station, the paid area is far too small for bike racks, so they were installed adjacent to the entrance in the public underground concourse. They’re underground and elevator-accessible bike parking available to anyone using the 8th and Market transit hub. At City Hall, the racks are the first to be installed in Camden at a sheltered location. Users will have to schlep the bike up and down the steps as this station has no elevator. Security cameras will soon be installed to watch over these installations.

City Hall PATCO Racks

City Hall PATCO Racks

All PATCO stations now have bike parking. Collingswood Station has the largest lot with 40 bike racks (and a capacity of 80 bikes). Lindenwold has a DIY bike shelter that was built by PATCO staff and paid for with a grant from the Cross County Connection in 2014. PATCO also allows bicycles on its trains 24 hours a day. Newly refurbished cars have a designated area with fold out seats to allow easier access on and off trains.

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  1. Joseph

    PATCO’s bike policy is really nice. I love that no matter when I’m traveling, I can bring my bike on board. The lockups are a nice touch, I’ve used them in the morning after coming into Philly for when I need my bike at a different station after work.

  2. Joseph

    Oh, also – the installation in front of, instead of behind, the fare gates at City Hall looks to be a mistake. Those might be moving soon.

  3. Ben Cornelius

    Just so folks know, the bike racks at 8th & Market are on the south side, in the wide corridor leading to Chestnut St. There’s no room on the north side of the station or inside the fare-paid areas on either the north or south sides for the racks. This is a nice improvement. Hope the racks fill up and PATCO adds more!


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