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Leonard demonstrates how he flies like Superman when nobody is looking

Maybe you haven’t noticed yet, but we’ve stepped up our game in the suburbs in the past year. With new funding from the William Penn Foundation, we’ve been able to hire our “new” Regional Planner Leonard Bonarek, our first full-time staffer dedicated exclusively to suburban and Circuit issues.

He put together a star-studded agenda for the new Bike DelCo kickoff meeting that featured Greg Krykewycz of the DVRPC, who showed us the ins and outs of its new LTS dataset, Ryan Judge of DelCo Planning Department, who gave us a trail update, Leonard’s BCGP update, and an introduction to our new DelCo Affiliate Chair Amarjit Singh. Also on hand were our Research Director John Boyle and Executive Director Sarah Clark Stuart. Folks, we rocked the Media/Upper Providence Free Library. We did. 

As Leonard stated, it’s an exciting time to be an advocate for better walking and biking in the Philly suburbs. DelCo is on the move!

Got a bad case of FOMO? No worries! You can view Leonard’s fascinating, edge-of-your-seat powerpoint here, which has lots of great links.


Bicycle Coalition

DelCo’s Senior Planner Ryan Judge asked everyone “ok, raise your hand if you think the BCGP is awesome.”                          -The guy on the left was on the fence, but word is he’s coming around. 

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